ANWR-Oil is concentrated life

This OIL that is in our land is there for a reason. The Oil companies care not what they do to the people and care only what the people can do for them!!! This pin hole in the earth will let in a drill that can probe in all angles and travel along way from the site, Sucking our mother dry for miles and miles around. Also, when a spill happens will they clean it up enough to make it worth their profit. O yeah, I forgot what YOU get, a chip off of our resources while they walk away with the rest. letting Alaskans and future Alaskans(our children and their children’s children and their childrens children and their…)get it…This land is sacred for many reasons and our children are one of the biggest reasons not to spoil the land with stink gases…POISON is what comes out of the ground and we have to pay to clean it up and live with the toxic mess of the rest…Come on people, don’t think short think Eco-friendly alternatives…For future generation…Then they will honer us as wise ancestors and not the spontaneous fools we have become…

I can’t let them rape mother in the ANWAR so I wrote this to share with fellow alaskans. You are close so I shared it here also

So what sollutions do you have? It’s not enough to demand of others. Take it that next step.

I suggest something akin to biodiesel. It would allow for industry to continue working without the need for wars overseas. It’s also something that you and your community can imbrace immediately, not ten years down the road.


Yes, Bio-Desil sounds like a tasty alternative. keep’em comming. There are soooooo much more to chew on and this might as well be the start to more info and ideas. hard to get the word past the corprate monsters that fund books for the children…Censorship touches all aspects of our lives, even our deepest spiritual matters…desenseatize till it all makes sense for the END!!!

Well, on the topic of censorship we can talk about how all of the major radio stations in the US decided to ban the word “War” from it’s programming. Any song that used the word wouldn’t be played. Is that right?



I never noticed but don’t listen to the radio much so who knows.
The US always uses the media and TV, or what ever info exchange it can to keep us in order. People in the United States of America love to get spoon fed the yummy lies and top it off with an ignorent bliss…

And as for OIL, lets yuck it all up just for fun-Most everything we use contains oil one way or the other. We ingest the poison, our skin drinks it in the cosmetics or petroleum jellies, we breathe it in the air, it’s all around us with all the other poisons we love to live with just because they make our lives cozy and cushy. Give us instant satisfaction at the expense of our children…who cares about the people’s health and well being. Lets tap mother dry and make tons of useless plastic things to keep us happy. If we are already this way why not continue our sick little twisted habitual patterns. That way our future seed will have a big mess to wade through and clean up…What does it matter, we will all be dead by then anyways…probably by cancer…

Nope. Nihilism only works if you’re a little kid or a gypsy. :smile:

I’m looking for better ways of doing things. My plan is to be off the grid and running any vehicles I have from sustainable, cleaner energy by the time I’m fourty.


I have a cousin that has solar power pannels that follow the sun. He also has a small hydro power plant in the stream by his house and soon he wants to get wind power. That along with how much he hunts and grows his own food he is one soverign mother.

This LAND of ours has many deposits of so called “resources” that man uses to control the power struggle in HIS sphere of influence. WAR, STARVATION, HEALTH, ENERGY, EVEN OUR WATER is big business and a very efficient way to win over the sovereignty of the LAND from the caretakers.(The art of WAR)
The protectors of OUR land are Peoples that know the delicate structure and cycles of the land they lived for thousands of years. NOW, people that control the land, control the peoples of the land for they will never leave. They will die before the end and come back to fight another day…This Land is OUR Land and that means EVERYONE on this big ball of JOY. Although not everyone is living in accordance to the LAW of the LAND but that will soon come to pass. For now we must all ban together, everyone in all walks of life that ARE for life. Preservation of The Great Gifts from the creator…
Too many obvious past accounts, over and over again and in front of everyones perception they spoil the land and tell us that this time they WILL do it different. After they lie another time we are on to bigger and better debate forgetting the interconnectedness of everything and how it happened to us again… SUCKERS
This LAND WAR is an old one that had thousands of years to get it right. Controlling a large populace of humans takes planning, techniques that were honed by all past conquers, and the consciouslessness to act it out. The tricks never stopped in the name of freedom they only got better and now have technology to pass on the madness…Spreading it throughout the Globe making it seem like the RIGHT thing to do, SPOIL the land for instant progress. Forget the wasted life, it’s the acceptable losses. WE need our toys in the name of distraction. We need distraction in the name of BLISS. Our REAL LIVES are connected to that freedom fighter across the world being tortured right NOW…
We cannot escape the LIVES we choose to live, we can only choose wiser and make life a better place for all sentient beings…Animals, humans, birds, fish, bugs, spirits, everything and even things we may not be able to comprehend. We must not over step our bounds and destroy carelessly. We are caretakers not controlers or owners of WHAT??? WE are what we create together…

hunts… im not against hunting, but havent you been going on about oil spills and mother earth and how its all sacred… Were you just meaning that about the ocean??

I kill for a living and everyone kills to eat. Way of life…I was talking about the rape of everything…acceptable losses of human as well as the rest of the Kingdom of life…The corprate monsters get away with as much as they make us let them…