Another webcam dude

Found this while Stumbling around the net tonight.  I talked to him, and you can turn his lights on and off.  Pretty strange. 

thats just creapy… again… another minute of my life that i will never get back… thanks jason.

Heh-heh, that is just weird:-)  It is very odd to remotely turn lights on and off in Texas.  Why would anyone want this? :confused:

cause texans are lazy fat people.

Well, I’m somewhat fat… I’ll admit it.  But definitely not lazy.  Carrying around boxes 10 hours a day tends to defeat the lazy label AND burn off the fat at the same time.  I’ve had to significantly increase my Dr. Pepper intake just to try to maintain some degree of balance. 

Thanks for the plug.


Dr.  Pepper??? Dylan’s back???

Man, if you’re for real give us a sign ( sit on sofa and drink a Dr Pepper for example) at a specific time.  We’ll tune in to check.

Trust me, restil is for real!  :imp:

And I in fact saw him drinking a DP!

I just saw him smiling at the screen when I turned all his lights on and told him that playing in the dark is bad for your eyes.

I think he’s gaming or soemthing right now.