Another train wreck

First there was one in Sask. this past week and this morning news of another in Alberta ,two or three cars burning and spill . So what may happen with a derailment in this area ?

Happens more than you’d think. Only the ones that burn or kill people make the news, hell three cars fell off the tracks just outside of town yesterday or the day before carrying ammonia. I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked out to a derailed car a day average nationwide.

“I wouldn’t trust those tracks to carry a load of pompoms on a sunny day in May:>(” (A comment from a CBC news site.)

Curious to know what happened. A woman who lives across the road from the explosion said that work had just been done on that area of track only days ago.

The Gainford derailment brings to mind a long passed away railway man from Rupert who said that once they got rid of the track walkers there would be more accidents.

Note to self: if present at large explosion, leave the area, do not go back to sleep.

So, are there still people who honestly believe that moving oil down the Skeena by rail is a good idea?
I just could not understand how folks were in favour of this option.

I believe that is why I posted this issue and I most certainly do not think it is such a good idea , but then again the suits do not give a shit while they line their pockets as usual .