Another Telus Moneygrabber for Dummies

[quote]New access offered to online music

Business Reporter

Telus Corp. has added a major feature to its online-music offering that will give high-speed Internet customers the ability to listen to customizable steaming music.
Pureradio, is a $4.99 a month service that offers users over 75 continuous music channels, high quality digital sound, no commercials, the ability to skip songs and the download of most songs played on the stations.
In December, Telus became the only Canadian Internet Service Provider to offer legal music downloading, through a partnership with Torontobased on-line music distributor Moontaxi Media Inc. and its Puretracks website. Pureradio is being supplied to Telus in a similar partnership.
“The customization part of it is really the key,â€[/quote]