Another speed test :-)

Shaw doubled their speeds recently.


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Very nice! This is as good as it gets for me.

Honestly, that’s more than enough. I could survive on even lower bandwidth.

Once upon a time, I was going to switch to another, independent ISP, because Shaw was giving me grief for how much bandwidth I used (maybe 4-5 TB a month back then). It would have been much slower, but unlimited.

But ultimately, Shaw decided to do an “unlimited usage” tier instead.

On summer vacation, I use an LTE hotspot, and sometimes it even switches to 3G. And I share that with my kids. It’s slow, but still works great. It’s sometimes 3 or 4 Megabit, sometimes 20-30 megabit. But it’s unlimited usage.

Having a 1 gig+ connection at home is a bit crazy. But I’ll take it :slight_smile: Especially since the price is still the same.

I’ll bet for most Shaw customers, the internet isn’t be bottleneck anymore. Their WiFi routers, or LANs are going to be the bottleneck.

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Wish that was a problem here! I laugh at the number of ppl buying new $200 routers to put on their 3 to 5 Mb connections.Which are almost always at the same desk they sit at with their laptop…

Fastest I can get on my home wifi is 330 megabit. But gigabit with a cable.



Same old standard Telus 150, while streaming a 4K movie 160/160 is typical. Identical service in both GP and in Kamloops the past few years. I guess I’m officially out of Alberta now as of Nov. 12, so no more GP speed tests. The move back to BC after spending over a decade in AB is absolutely painful, but at least the internet is the same, plus a bit more tax.

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Your upload is faster than the download.

That’s one problem with Shaw. Sure, I can get around a 1000 gigabit download, but the upload is 20-30 megabit.

Great for streaming and downloading. Shitty for cloud backups and stuff like that.