Another sign of the end times: Mike Keenan to coach again in the NHL

Yikes, gonna be a crappy summer in Flames land.

Reports out of Cowtown suggest that Iron Mike is back and ready to add some discipline to the regimen of the flame outs…

Going to make those home and home games with the canucks next season that much more fun… … eb&k=61333 … eenan.html

I wonder if they’re going to need a TV camera crew with make-up when he is running practices?  After all, he’s been in front of the camera for the “Making The Cut” show and probably gotten used to that.

Hmmmmm.Well I guess after a disappointing year the Flamers needed a tougher and hard nosed  coach. He does have a Stanley Cup and tons of experience, so I do believe he will be an upgrade in the coaching department. I still dislike the guy and this give me the chance to do so even more.

This guy seems to have horse shoes up his …

I would not say it’s a upgrade.  Keenan is a short term fix at best.  He might be able to motivate the Flames next season, but his tirades and “Iron” Mike persona will grow tiresome in a hurry.  Then the Flames will be back looking for another coach.

Great  news for Canuckle heads, the guy has wreaked more teams then he’s helped, look for the  blockbuster trade Bertuzzi for Kipper and the Moose being called up for their next captain
:laughing: :laughing:

Yeah if you’ve been planning a move to Calgary, the next six months would be the right time to go, there’s going to be some prime real estate up for grabs at bargain basement prices as more than a few flames head for the hills…

As a flames fan, this hurts.  :frowning:

I am not a flames fan, but I really believe they have one of the best built teams in the league, and I really like the choice of Mike Keenan as head coach. 

He will come in with a direct job, and that is to make sure the rest of the team joins their goaltender in showing up in the playoffs.  This moves make the Flames one of my early choices for advancing from the West next year.

Reading between the lines:  Keenan fired by mid-November, Sutter moves back behind the bench, Calgary makes the West Final

And loses to the Canucks!!