Another Rupert forum

Hey cool! It’s even got pop-up SPAM ads.

Yay for Bravenet and it’s evil spam! It even gets through firefox…damn

I don’t think anyone is going to post there. Just being honest.

That’s exactly what’s needed as far as I’m concerned. Another Rupert forum because this one is packed with too many people making too many posts.

No, not terribly.

I think he was being sarcastic.

Also, I went to this “rupert forum” and tried to read it, but unfortunately there was some sort of floating thing in the way…

There was a post there by somebody known as “Mr. Prin” (can’t read the rest because of some weird thing telling me about online dating).

Next thing I know, the ad is talking to me, telling me to join the hair club for men or something like that, taunting me.

Shit, next you guys will be wanting flash animations on HTMF’s forum.

Yeah I know, I’m really quick picking up things like that.

Sounds like a good idea MiG, I think some users may also want 24/7 online tech support. Not a problem, right?

Now, now, Mr. admin!

You don’t want to turn into a Bill Gates and insist that this site hold the monopoly about prince rupert webforums.
Wait until it’s good enough and start threatening htmf’ status and then make them an acquisition offer.

First off, this isn’t the official Prince Rupert forum or anything. It’s just a forum. Most of us are in Rupert, but not all of us.

I didn’t want to shut down that other forum or anything, but I honestly couldn’t get to the point where I could read anything on there.

Nothing wrong with ads and stuff, but when the ads are actually covering the forum, then it’s probably a bit too much.

I heard a voice too! Scary!

I think the point there is mostly focussing on city stuff. Someone has an axe to grind with certain things that the city council does and wants to validate their position by inviting other people to comment. I got this just by reading how the first post in a couple of threads were written.
It also seems that you don’t need to be a member to post so no accountability on your comments. This means that it could potentially turn into a libel mess.
Doesn’t seem moderated either. Seems like it will be a good learning experience for the people who run it.

Oh and MiG, in case you didn’t see it, the comment from Mr. Prince Rupert ( sounds like someone who plays DOD!) is:

[quote]Rupert Forum

For those interested there is another Rupert forum here:

viewforum.php?f=3 [/quote]


i dont live in rupert. however i use this forum and love it.
burn the others to the ground.

[quote=“ghost3x”]i dont live in rupert. however i use this forum and love it.
burn the others to the ground.[/quote]

and we love you for your comments.

I just like his picture of the stoned cat.