Another mp3 question

I have an RCA lyra portable mp3 player with a 256 meg memory card as well as the built in memory. when downloading mp3 files into it, the most it would hold is 65 songs, of average length, this seems very low? Any advice on compressing or converting to another formatt? or possibly reducing the bit rate ? in order to fit more tunes on it?

If the player itself is only 256mb, and you add the 256 card to it, 65 songs isn’t really THAT unreasonable, but you might be better off downloading a lower bitrate. I checked 65 random songs a few times on here and they all ranged from 350mb to 405mb, and I usually download all 160’s or 192’s.

Are some mp3 players like computer harddrives in that you won’t get the exact advertized size out of them?

Damn, I knew I shoulda gone for the 4 Gig I-Pod instead.

Just lower the bitrate, 128 would be best, still adverage quallity, chech to make sure that there isn’t any “leftover” or temporary files from the download, that’s why it’s good to download straight to the mp3 player, download to the computer, then copy

if you did download straight to the player, try running a disk cleanup on it

you should be getting more files on that player, good luck