Another Mini Comp Hits the Market

The Acer Aspire One is about to hit the N American market. This guy’s got a 9" screen, the Intel Atom 1.6Ghz, 30GB SSD drive and is targeted at $399. Or a 120HD and XP.
I’ll flog these puppies the same price as the others, $399 and $30 shipping if you gimme your credit card right now (and wait just like ncix or tigerdirect)when you order to the bozos in town.
Odd thing is they use a distro they call Linpus… like you want to make Linux sound bad or what? Lin - Pus… eewww!

Also: there’s a $100 rebate from Asus on the Eee900 line with the Celeron ( oops! Celeron name so trashed it’s now ‘Intel Mobile’) cpu.

AND AS OF YESTERDAY: The new AsusEee 10" model, 40GB SSD and “20 Gigs of Internet Storage” but the sucker is over $700

EDIT: the bozo comment just slipped out! Every bozo in town call today.
Someone angrily canceled a Eee order today cuz they’re too stupid to read the ‘After Mail-in Rebate’ part in the ncix ad.

Another complaining she got her ‘free’ Bell ExpressVue dish and they’re threatening to charge her $459 as she never activated it. Had to explain people don’t “give computers and satellite dishes and cell phones away free, and it’s the other store that sells tv dishes”

$5, a cappuccino and 3 DuMaurier richer placing bets on call-ins with the CSR. Not ONE knew what cartridge went with their printer. One didn’t even know what brand of printer she had. The CSR even ‘took’ an order for “one Samsung color laser cartridge”

So from what I’ve been reading, the SSD doesn’t really have any advantage other than seek times, right?  Same power use, etc.

I don’t think there’s a perceptible difference. I read up when they were first available, but they were also incredibly expensive then.
The Eee701s would’ve been a bit thicker with a regular drive… and Sunday I played with the HP2133, it felt noticeably heavier than the Eee901.
And made me wonder who’d buy it? The 15" HP 1.6 Celerons were $499-$599 range. Who’d want to pay $729 for ‘just smaller’? They’re also Vista Basic…

Think I’ll pre-order an AcerOne and check it out.

BTW check out Ubuntu-Eee, much nicer than that Fisher-Price desktop.

Yeah, there’s also another Ubuntu distro I was going to try… um, netbook something?

Just read this about SSDs: … ttery-life

A couple years back I built a Win98 system with a 512 CF card and an IDE adapter. It was a desktop, so I didn’t even look at power consumption, but it did boot to a useable desktop in about 60 seconds.
Still can’t beat my old Amiga 1200 HD. Boots to useable desktop in 12 seconds.
Of course, Amiga loaded ONLY the “workbench” at boot, and part was built into ROM chips.
Still don’t understand why you must load every damn thing on the planet every time you boot a PC even if you’re never going to use those functions.
Boot your XP, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL. If you have to scroll to see all the processes, start REGEDITing…