Another day, another foot

Another foot found

The number of serial killers in this province sickens me.

No real evidence of foul play in any of these cases. Most likely a case of people being lost in the Pacific and washing up on BC beaches because of the the currents and geography.

Thousands of people are lost at sea – I’m sure their body parts have to wash up somewhere. Bodies sink, then float. They decompose or are eaten. Feet in sneakers tend to survive long enough to wash up.

Wikipedia has a good summary of the finds, including coordinates: … ches,_2007–2009

[quote]“We want to make it clear: there is no evidence that these feet had been severed. There were no tool markings and no visible sign of trauma,” Const. Annie Linteau said Thursday.

“It appears that these feet have naturally disarticulated from the bodies through natural process.”[/quote]

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