Another Clicky Clicky for me, can you do please?

What it is, guys?

That dumb game I’m playing reset… would you like to do some more clicks for me please? Just pick the number that they’re asking you to pick (e.g. 7-N-I-N-E-} means to click on the box with a 9 in it).

Thanks! … 1100985046

get a real job.

First I’ll start with a haircut…

Haircuts are weak shit.

I think Christmas time will be good for a trim. These split ends are really catching up to me.

t-bone, you have to get a mullet for a few weeks. You must do it man. It will be memories you will cherish for the rest of you life.

If/when I choose to cut my hair, I will indeed stylize myself with a mullet. For a while…

:open_mouth: :confused: :wink: :smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :laughing: 8)

How else are you going to increase your post-count, right?


How else are you going to increase your post-count, right?[/quote]

Can’t let you catch me!

Mullets are the best, I remember a few guys had them when I was in CHSS funny shit. The best was when we tried to cut Mark Sidhu’s hair like Will Smith on Fresh Prince, didn’t work too well though.

Clicked your link Charles… Joined up myself in fact! … 1101073865

This is my link if anyone is feeling nice enough to click it for me!

I just can’t resist that half dressed woman.

Deinitely is a bonus eh :wink:


Here’s mine, by the way:

Strange it says I’ve already clicked on it. But I haven’t clicked on yorus. Others maybe… I guess you can only click on one persons link a day. Tomorrow I’ll get yours.

That’s weird, I’ve clicked both yours and Charles_T’s today. They both worked.

Oh well, no big deal.

Do we have to just click? Or do we have to sign up and fill in skill-testing questions and stuff?

Just click on a box is all. There will be a written number among actual numbers. eg: 123four123. Click on the box with a four in it and I got another solider and some money.

Good stuff Transcending.

I click on yours but for you, t-bone, it didn’t work… nor did it for mine… 23hours59minutes59seconds…

Keep up the clicks guys!