Another celebrity?

Another yacht parked in harbor in the same spot as the "Archimedes’ was.
Looks about the same size and style. This one with a helicopter on the upper after deck!
White hull with gold name lettering. Hard to read.
Contest now on to name owner.

its michael jackson hes not really dead he came here to hide

The 'Avviva’
Number 71 of the largest motor launches in the world.

Wasn’t this yacht here last year?

That yacht is here every year but I suppose we can start some more rumours…I mean, let’s not disappoint huh?      :unamused:

ya thats what I thought.

Not a celebrity…
Business man…

Its owned by Joe Lewis, a currency trader from europe - he falls in around the 4th richest man in Britain, He lives in the Bahamas in tax exile (apparently) and he is famous for losing over a billion in one weekend on a bad investment!!


john orin edson, age 74, net worth 1.1 billion. … _ZRSM.html

“Marine lover got sea legs as a kid; rebuilt small boat and sailed around Lake Washington. Later crafted sailboats in his Seattle garage before founding Bayliner Marine Corp. 1955. Doubled revenue every 3 years; sold to Brunswick for $425 million 1986. Invested proceeds in stocks, bonds, real estate. Spends days flying helicopters, skiing, cruising in new 164-foot yacht, Evviva. Last year donated $5.4 million to Arizona State University for student entrepreneurs.”

also … ht-evviva/

good job!!!

hes a very nice guy.

been on this one and his old one.

I thought it was the Avviva???