Another camera question

So, I’m away on vacation earlier this month and without warning, my 1 1/2 yr old Olympus Stylus 760 camera seizes with the lens open, with a blue screen error that says “5f08”. I can get picture playback but no chance of taking pictures. I’m at the point where I’m wondering if it’s worth fixing (Googling a possible fix just made me even more depressed over it) and I was wondering if any of the good people here can offer advice over whether it’s better to write it off or chance paying a camera store to try and repair it.


I love the Olypus Waterproof drop proof series. Unusual for them to have any issues. Try rinsing it off maybe some gunk is just slowing the shutter cover. It usually costs more than the camera is worth once warranty is out to fix.

I’ll give it a try-my camera is the style with the retractable lens (not totally waterproof, just water resistant) but anything that might work is useful. It sucks to have something like this happen when all my old-school film cameras would take some mighty big hits and are still usable yet this thing has been treated really well and does something like this out of the blue. Thankfully we had taken a second camera along for underwater shots, otherwise we would have been screwed.  :angry:

I never realized it wasn’t the waterprooof one. Retractable lenses stink. A small bump out of allignment is all it takes to wreck them. It probally had a bump along the lines. - I’m second guessing the gunk idea.