Another Accident :(

Seems it is a bad winter for accidents? Sad for those involved.

So how many times people should be reminded to drive for conditions? Last Saturday while on the way back to Rupert my van got passed by a Honda CR-V and a Hyundai Santa Fe, both are doing 120 and I’m just barely reaching 95 (Yes, I have winters on).

Roads are slippery with very low visibility due to ice fog and slush…

The CR-V driver must have the least amount brains cells due to the fact he/she tail gated me for 10 minutes, then passed on the double solid, and cut me off while sending showers of pebbles to the windshield.

So seriously guys, use your brain and don’t put you and others at risk.

The RCMP are looking for a Dodge pickup that fled west on the Yellowhead. Possibly an Alberta or Saskatchewan registered vehicle, judging that it lacked a front license plate.

Please be on the look out for that truck.


Who took the picture of this other truck ? I hope some one knows who it is .
it looks like it has Damage to the right light .

Manitoba issues front plates.

Third Vehicle of concern Identified and found in Prince Rupert … ed-in.html