Annoying Firefox

Right when I open firefox, I go to type an address and the time I have
1/2 the address typed out it jumps down to the search area bar.  Is there anyway to stop this.


Firefox > Tools >> Options:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

probably has spyware :stuck_out_tongue:

That is odd Fire Fox behaviour.  Have you done a recent virus, spyware scan?

It only does it once, right after firefox is fully loaded it jumps down there.

Could you post a screen shot of what this looks like when it does this?

I don’t think that its Foxfire  that annoying , There must be some other problem,Can it happens due to virus?

He’s got ** a search bar that’s BELOW the address bar**… say no more, say no more.

There should be a WEBSITE under the address bar, and a Google search to the right of the address bar. That’s ALL. No fucking helpers, no fucking search things, no toolbars, no favorites, no bookmarks under it.

FUCK! I hate ppl who need a 22" monitor because they’ve only got an inch of browser on the screen…

Saw 3 ppl this week, all of whom have had Internet for 5 years or more and their start page was MSN. All three would type into the MSN search, wait for it, then click on the first listing to get fsjames. Fucking brain dead.

Out of the top 10 keyword searches that end up on HTMF, 4 of them are addresses.

Quick!  Operator, what’s the number for 911?

What’s weird is that I’ve watched people type addresses in the google box on firefox (to the right of the address bar).  How weird is that? 

I actually saw one person who professed to be a “computer expert” who had no idea what an address bar was.  He ran IE with the address bar hidden, and either used bookmarks or searched for everything.  He had no idea you could type in addresses.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Funny. For almost 4 years I was ‘frozen’ at BC Tel and had to work Directory Assistance. I was their New West shop steward & union delegate 1984-1988

I only got that one once. The top (like over a dozen times a shift)

What’s the number for 411? - the one you just called
What’s the number for Pizza 222? - 222-2222 just like it says on tv

The next most common (a dozen times a week)

What’s the number for “the Operator” - Duhhh ZERO
You must be queer to work there - That’s not what your wife whispers in my  ear while you’re at work!
Huahh!!! (unintelligible) Hwaaallllffff!!! Can you call me a cab? - okay! you’re a cab.

Man, you make my day everyday.!!