Annoyance - Dial up issues

With these old 56 k modems, when my page doesn’t do anything when I’m surfing, I open up the connection status, under the activity (the bytes that are been sent), this seems to be the problem that causes my connection to LAG!  Does anyone know of these issues?  Why and what is been sent?  Why does it cause my connection to lag for a long time, I have to dis-connect and reconnect again to start surfing.  Thankx if anyone can give me some feedback.

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Does the icon in your system tray sit there not blinking? One possibility is you’ve hit a bad line card in the CO (there’s a couple in one concentrator out here). Another is that the telephone line disconnected you and Windows is SO STUPIDLY USELSS it didn’t notice.
Do an ipconfig /all. Then ping the gateway (or DNS) listed. If you get no response, that’s exactly what happenned. Data modems are unforgiving. They will disconnect with 1/4 second break in the line (called hookflash, ie for call waiting) rather than the needed 3/4 break for a phone.
Do you have an old BC Tel phone? A real teclo one with a dial or early pushbuttons. Unplug you line from the jack, plug in the phone, pick it up and dial 2 or 3 (to kill dialtone). If you hear ANY crackling, hissing, scratching you have a bad line. While you’re down there make sure the cord to your modem only has 2 contacts in it instead of 4 (eliminate 1 more possibility).
If you do hear hissing, you’ll have to figure out if it’s from inside (your problem rewiring) or outside (the phone co problem). Call 611 they’ll tell u how