And yet another media case for the X Files

While we’ve been catching up on our reading from the “newâ€

I talked to Kris today.  He was gone in Maui for a week, and just came back last night.  He didn’t mention quitting the paper, though in the past he has cut his hours back quite a bit.  He works three different jobs right now.  I’ll ask him the next time I talk to him if he actually left the paper or not.  But for now, you should just assume that he was on vacation!

Uh ok, but I’m a little puzzled as to why the Daily News removed his picture from the page four photo gallery if he’s only “gone on vacation”, that just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

(Hopefully that isn’t a less than subtle way of telling him he’s not wanted  :imp:)

At any rate, hope you post back when you talk to him next with details as to whether he has indeed left the paper.

I talked to Kris when I was in the office to say goodboye to Earle.  Had heard that Kris was also leaving and he confirmed that he was…so he’s not just on vacation. 

Okay, well, I guess there’s an answer.  Strange he didn’t tell me today.  Oh well.  He was pretty excited telling me about his trip he just came back from, guess he didn’t think it was important to mention.  He’s been trying to leave the paper for awhile now anyway, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

Yes, he most definitely quit.  He stopped working there the Friday before he left for vacation.  He admitted that he purposefully hasn’t been telling everyone about it. But like I said before, he has a few jobs, and he’s been overworked for a long time!

LOL, you should always trust the veracity of The Podunkian portal, it shall rarely lead you astray :astonished: