And if this isn't enough, perhaps surrendering your first born child

The music industry is back on the tax attack, seeking out compensation for your portable music devices and such… … le1268531/

Tell them to go fuck themselves! I burn everything on DVDs.

In other news, the telegraph industry wants to add a tax to your telephone bill to make up for its revenue losses.  Also, the horse-drawn carriage industry want a new tax on cars to make up for their revenue loss.

Get over it already, the old music industry died 10 years ago.  Anyone who has realized that has been successful in the new industry.

By the way this “music industry” is not the Canadian music industry, but rather a collection of American companies.  The Canadian Recording Industry Association lost most of its Canadian members years ago over the American-interests issue.  The CRIA is now just looking out for American interests. 

Most Canadian-based recording artists are not members of the CRIA.

No one would catch the sarcasm if you’d said
Bell and Telus Lobbying for Levy on Magik Jack & Skype phone sales. … otostream/