And another would be competitor falls to the side to Apple

More proof that Apple rules the tablet world, HP has discontinued it’s version of the tablet based device. … cs-source/

Introduced in July, discounted from the get go and now a door stopper before the end of August!

I wonder why, a Future Shop guy tried to show off one with Win7 and it crashed repeatedly. I finally told him to stop, I was wasting time while another sales guy was bagging my new iPad.
HP’s tried to live off it’s former rep for about 5 years too long. Their consumer products are all cheap shit. … -ipad.aspx

March, 2010: “I think I’ve mentioned this once or twice before, but it bears repeating until it sinks in: the Apple iPad is not unique, nor necessarily the best of breed in the media tablet sector it is spearheading. And it ain’t gonna help Apple shareholders any.”

Guess he was wrong.

"Hewlett-Packard, for instance, promises to present a tablet of its own that has been in development for five years, looks similar to the sleek iPad design, and gives you the full experience of a larger computer. This one has a customized Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and full Flash support. "

Yup, exactly what someone wants in an iPad… Guess that’s why everyone that bought one of these returned them.

Another one from a couple of months ago: … -the-ipad/

“In the tablet world, we’re going to become better than number one. We call it number one plus.”

Well done.

Meanwhile, HP will exit the PC business as well, even though they are the top selling PC manufacturer. They’re going to do what IBM did when it stopped making PCs, and stick to services and business markets.

Wasn’t Citywest once upon a time selling the Palm Pre as “the best phone” or something to that effect? Would hate to be one of those poor schmucks who were suckered into buying one of those phones now that HP is going to abandon PalmOS.