American stupidity

ok I was out searching today about the p2p leagal issues. I download alot of TV and movies, and from what i have read its ok to download just not upload, but the laws are about to change. sounds like this if your ISP see’s lots of bandwidth being used, they must check to see if it is copyright material, if it is they have to report it, no more waiting for those copy right holders to look for you, your ISP will report you. So I was reading the furoms in CD freaks and here is a few post Canadain VS American’s funny shit

[quote]QUOTE>Canada has a history now of NOT following where Americans lead and Canadians are NOT tolerant of US sponsored nonsense. In fact, the country has never been more leery of American “interests”

Thats because your still ruled by the British, British Columbians, and always will be.

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Don’t you realise how much of a tosser you’re making of yourself? Canada “ruled by the British and British Columbians”, does ANYONE know what that means?.

Your determination to get into the Guinness (and yes, they are Irish) Book Of Records for being the World’s Biggest Wanker deserves a round of applause.

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Good Lord, the ignorance (in the true sense of the word, as in “lack of knowledge”) of that comment is simply hilarious!

You absolutely MUST be American - no other national could possibly know less about the world he / she lives in.

Thanks very much for my first belly-laugh of the day.
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I think it’s British, maybe it’s been at the “Columbian” itself.

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… ruled by the British and British Columbians…

oh man this is just too much, HA HA HA…

the page if you want to read more about the bad mouthing can be found here

this is worse: we ISPs dinged for the bandwidth, every gig. Make a whole $5 on your ADSL line, but if you download 2 gigs we lose about $3. So we have a gig limit and tell you.
So after warning the parents specifically about this, one guy brought in his comp because ‘it didn’t work on adsl’ after only having it 2 nights. His kids had a desktop movie folder and traffic logs showed 9.6 gigs March 30&31st. Didn’t work my ass!
Do you think I’m going to lose $35 a month for the customer?
Not a chance, he’s going to have to pay retail for the bandwidth after being warned that he can probably buy the movies cheaper than downloading his 2nd or 3rd one.
Only good thing is I won’t rat you out if threatened. Telus has said they will.
So you can pay, or you can pay. There ain’t no free lunch.
You can buy the damned movies as preplayed at the video store for $5 - $12. If you do and someone physically takes the DVD’s you paid for that’s clearly stealing them, right?
If you want to run P2P and you’re uploading then you’re a server and it’s clear as a bell in your agreement. Run a server, pay server prices.

hmm. /cuts down on downloading

Theres a DC++ hub down here, so there are terabytes of files (including movies and games) that doesnt tax the overall T1 line. It’s a great way to beat the system.

I <3 Citytel

Neh… I hated that shit, so many downtimes and my router was bitchy about dynamic ip’s. Even though ADSL is supposed to be static, they would reassign so it was a bitch.