Always leave when they remember you best

That emotional farewell in April indeed will prove to be Trevor Linden’s last skate as a Vancouver Canuck.

It’s being reported that on Wednesday, Linden will bring to an end this phase of his involvement with the team that has been his home for most of his nineteen seasons.

By far one of the most popular of Canucks to wear the uniform (whatever version happened to be in vogue at the time), the former on ice captain and forever team leader has decided that his time has come to call it a career…

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On and off the ice he was a great guy. Always doing things for the kids. He is a true ambassador.  He will be missed and I wish him well he is a true gentleman.  I don’t think we see to many people around with his ethic.

You’re preaching to the choir on that sentiment!

He was one of the best examples of how to play the game on the ice and project yourself off of it. As class an act as we’ll see in pro sports.