Alternative Twilight

Mig is going to love this one:

My daughter and I enjoyed that clip. We’re both on Team We-Hate-Twilight, which makes for interesting times since we seem to be surrounded by Twilight fans, her being a cynical teenager raised on “Buffy” and me surrounded by middle-aged women at work who loved the Twilight books and now the movies. Ugh!


Ha-ha, my 15 year old is going out with her friend tonight to watch the latest Twilight incarnation.  I’m with you, Saffron, I don’t get the mania associated with Twilight.
Now…the Buffy series is another kettle of fish.  Excellent story line, lots of off-beat comedy.

hitest won’t go into his thoughts about Buffy :wink:

I’ve been to Forks, WA.  That is all.