AltaGas says their 2 LNG terminals are likely going forward

AltaGas which is proposing to built 2 small LNG terminals, 1 in Kitimat (Douglas Channel LNG) and 1 in Prince Rupert (Triton LNG) says it will likely being moving forward with both terminals after the recent BC LNG tax announcement on Tuesday. Both projects have received export licenses from the NEB. AltaGas plans to use their existing Pacific Northern Gas pipelines for both projects. … story.html

AltaGas is the company that purchased a large area of land near the Port Edward waterfront last year.

Was this expected? i was under the impression that Petronas was likely to be first with the FID. I know this is not a concrete commitment from Altagas, but it sounds pretty close.

It is strange, because previous reports about AltaGas’ involvement in the PR Area had them shwoing interest in shipping LPG from Port Edward, not LNG…so we shall see.

I like this news because this is a project that has a real chance of coming true. They already own the pipeline servicing this area, the project is reasonable in size… it has all the right markers for going ahead.