Almost Over

Has it already been 45 minutes?

Isn’t that what your girl says?

No, she says,“Best 45 minutes of my life.”

Eh… 13 mins left. I’d post, but the ATM is further away…


Isn’t that what your girl says?[/quote]

Was that a watered-down “your mom” joke?

Am I the only female in the house?

Who are you anyway?

I meant to say girlfriend but this whole finfers typing thing…

That’s a pretty broad definition of female, honey.

Smartass is playing hockey. Kaboo is ??? and Eso is probably working on her car.

Man, I’m out of the loop, I don’t know who some of these people are. Who is the kaboo person?

Kaboo is a strong minded married lady that was a former resident of PR ( that information is based on the posts she makes)

thats a pretty good double entendre MiG,
I think kaboo is some person from kamloops

I don’t know either but she seemed to say that she was from PR but moved to the okanananangangnggngnaggan