All the News that's fit to delay!

“Note: Stories online will be posted two days after they are available in
print. To have a subcription delivered to you daily, call 250-624-6781. – An advisory posted on the Daily News website on Saturday evening…”

The grand experiment of Internet publishing at the Daily News has been given a revision it seems, with the announcement posted on their newly created and much trumpeted website that as of today, all news stories posted on the Daily News site will be on a two day delay, two days after the stories have first appeared in the print version.
While we’re quite sure that they aren’t too concerned with our thoughts on their decision, we do find the whole idea of putting the news of the day on the back burner a tad strange…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 0175976472 )- 

I’m guessing the delay is so the people that want the news current… will still buy the paper.  The people that don’t care, and may read 1-2 papers a week, can read the website and not miss anything. 

Keep your site up-to-date Podunkian, and you’ll always get more hits than the Snooze!!