All hail, Darth Cruise,

Interesting video of Tom Cruise proclaiming the benefits of his cause, part of all the attention that the gossip book about him has received of late.

Catch the nifty soundtrack to the video, wonder if Bono and the boys know that their riffs are out there recruiting the plebes… … oplay=true

And we all thought that jumping on and off Oprah’s couch was bizarre… :neutral_face: 

Oh my… I couldn’t even watch the whole thing…  Very, very crazy.

he is lonnie toons… I think he needs MEDS

Perhaps Ritalin (sp??)  :smiley: :smiley:

Too much coffee?  Weird. :smiley:

Hey Tom Too much jet fumes from TopGun lol or you fell off the bike one to many times

I have never respected Tom Cruise since I seen Cocktail! LOL I just admited to seeing that movie?!?!? :astonished:

One could–truthfully and in all fairness–say that Tom Cruise is very dedicated to his faith.
Speaking over a Mission Impossible soundtrack though makes for a pretty annoying audition.
He would–I’m sure–make Ron Hubbard proud.

Watch Jerry O’Connell Mocking Tom Cruise (Scientology) … 5-08-no-14

Sure, you can be proud of your faith.
Why go preaching around and make a fool out of yourself though?
He can worship alien souls and whatever on his own time.

In your signature line it says: “Seek, find, and embrace the truths you are fortunate enough to discover”.  Well, this is exactly what Tom Cruise has done and is doing.  This is not to say however that I espouse his creed in anyway, but you must admit that he has certainly the conviction to speak about it.  Now, whether he makes a foul of himself or not is again another matter.

      Uh, although its fun to bash this arrogant fool, I am not sure what the fuss is all about. If you pay attention you will notice that clip is heavily edited, it isnt one peice of footage, you never hear the person he is speaking to say even one word. That clip was put together to induce this exact reaction, its author counted on the typical assumptions the viewers would have, any of us could make a simular clip about anyone else if we ask questions that are edited out and we string all their replies together as if they were just rambling on in one incoherent series of paragraphs about some bizzare topic.
      Now dont get me wrong, I am not defending scientology, I think its somewhat rediculas to say the very least, beware of any “religion” thats founder is a science fiction writer who one day decides he has found the cure for the human condition. Before ya jump in for a howl though, at least research them first, find out what an engram is, find out what exactly it is your laughing at, I can point out several hundred laughable claims made in the christian bible too and know personally many people who seem resonably intelligent yet believe the most outrageous of tales, events that belong in a fairy tale. I think Clarence Darrow said it best, he said “I dont believe in god because I dont believe in mother goose”, and my favorite “We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes.”  LOL, no shit! To be honest I find christianity much harder to swallow then scientology.
      One thing that is good about being surrounded by so much bullshit comming at us from all angles is if you decide to wade through it you may find your “reality box” (as Robert Anton Wilson called it) getting a little larger as you consider different ways of percieving reality, I would recommend anyone wanting to expand their conciousness abandon the bible and start reading something from Alister Crowley lol, and not because he is any authority on anything, because the whole point of crowley’s work was to fuck with one’s “reality box” (your view of reality) until any of your prior assumptions of reality are challenged, the point being to have you actually think about these things rather than have societies brainwashing being your only view and have you slumber through life. Interestingly quantum science is now starting to show us reality, and even matter itself is nothing like it appears to us, extremely fastinating subject, discuss.