A burnt rubber doll was mistaken for a badly injured alien and taken to a hospital in Brazil.
It happened after people in Aracruz found a burnt ‘body’ on the ground after seeing a fireball fall from the sky.
A police spokesman told Terra Noticias Populares: "Many people were terrified thinking that an alien invasion was taking place.
"They thought the doll was a burnt ET and more than 50 people called the station."
The ‘alien’ was taken to the local hospital where doctors soon confirmed it was a burnt rubber doll.

Sound familiar?, Roswell New mexico 1947. and so another urban legend is born. Too funny.

ummm the Roswell New mexico crash landing realy happened…hehe you have to prove it didnt happen … :open_mouth:

they wouldn’t give them green cards, so they went back home after they picked up some parts from the Roswell Bumper-2-Bumper…

the urban legend is more interesting…

Customs & Immigration is holding the green cards for aliens with tentacles so they can sweep the floor, clean the washroom and serve burgers all at the same time…

It’s all conspiracies and government coverups, there’s no proof either way. In the words of mulder, “the truth is out there”. There’s no solid proof that god exists either, yet millions believe. But Aliens?

But Aliens? What are Aliens, if there’s life on mars is it Alien, no not to mars its not. its like us on earth, we are the Aliens life forms on other planets…weird …lol… I say this If human evolved instead of Dinosaurs, and we didn’t Kill ourselves off, we would be over 250 million years old as a species …Do you think we would be able to cross the universe in ships and visit planets…I would like to think so. I think we would have technology that would let us do it. But of course we didn’t evolve the dinosaurs did, but look at what we have done in only a few hundred thousands years, we have become the dominant species.

The last hundred years we have progresses so fast, from the Wright brothers taking to the sky and 40 years latter the first test of the A-bomb, 25 years more we are to taking the first steps on the moon, what I’m saying is it is foolish to think we are the only ones in the hole universe. I love to ponder such Ideas…lol

Oh right, I forgot that we didn’t evolve.

“Out there” How about in there???

What about the worlds within me???

everything is so big that you know there is some other life forms on other planets for sure. Also, since there is no limit to how small things can become there are lifeforms inside my atoms…

We didn’t. We went from exploring the moon to building cruise missiles and launching 1,000 channels of geosynchronous pr0n satellites… sort of stalled out for 30 years…

edit: and 2500 Jesus channels…

[quote=“words”]“Out there” How about in there???

What about the worlds within me???

everything is so big that you know there is some other life forms on other planets for sure. Also, since there is no limit to how small things can become there are lifeforms inside my atoms…[/quote]

Hmmm, worlds within words, I like it.

authors, Laurence Gardner ‘Genesis of the Grail Kings’, Graham Hancock ‘Fingerprints of the gods’, Robert Bauval, David Icke, etc. among others, theorize that humanity itself is nothing more than a genetic experiment by superior alien races and some of the gods of ancient Sumerian, Mayan and other cultures were members of these races. And that much archeological evidence exists in support of these theories, similar pyramids around the world, the Nazca lines, etc. I am left still wondering.

archeologist Zacharia Stichen has 5 great books that are realy intesting they are like the ones above, but he is a archeologist, and a linguist. I have read all his book’s. He talks about the stories from the bible and were most of the stories cam from most are from the Sumerians, these stories were writen on clay tablets, they coraspond with the great flood and other biblical facts but way before the bible was writen. also about adam and eve. too much to list. again great reading.

Hey, a good story is a good story. Most of the bible was the result of oral traditions passed down through the generations and written as text. Its authors were looking to find a way to explain the world and to teach people how to behave in a civilized way; so of course stories from other cultures would be adapted to fit into the bible.

I was watching a show called “the wisdom of Kabbalah” and it talked about how the bible was a spin off from jewish teaching. Not to sure about what I watched or the truth in it because I only caught the first part. One thing I found interesting is that it was very simmilar if not the same as existentialist views. I always thought jewish people believed more in a narrow bibilical mindset…Guess I was the one seeing the narrow part of it…anyways, I’m always finding that if you search for the roots to any belief it is all the same anyways…you ponder life long enough you see its patterns of creation recycling over and over on every relitive level…

There is a ‘common thread’ that weaves many many stream religious beliefs together, and many of the same recurring themes keep surfacing. Plagarism has been with mankind for many centuries and the old testament bible is certainly no exception.
Astrothug, Zacharia Stichen being a linquist, was there mention made in these books of the names and references having been mis translated by subsequent cultures and languages? and was there mention that they were believed to have been originally refering to alien races? As is the beleif of others ( Gardner, et al )

what happens if they use the mask of alians to put the fear in the people that are searching for the reason for all the lies and deception. Or if it really was sparked from alians then I have to conclude that alians are still here on earth with me today…Alians or not it’s some intresting constructs indeed…
How can anyone ever be bored in a place of infinite opportunities or shall I say relitive choices…Life is such a joke…makes me laugh at all the suffering and pain people feel every day…HA HA HA HA…

yes one that I liked was in the original Bible there was not one god or one adam and eve but many gods and many adam’s and eve’s. here is a qoute from my bible 1970’s i think now its changed in bibles that are printed Genesis 26 and

I like that, I and the father are one…Make everything in everythings image.
this is the link to an article called ‘Evidence for creation by outside intervention’. by Lloyd Pye or Lloyd’s site at

Or check out the Nexus Magazine site for great links, articles and interviews. Look at the articles from Laurence Gardner. at or Sir Laurences own site at for condensed reviews of all his books.
Some excellent related material here, the nexus site is just absolutely loaded with with alternative media stuff, I HIGHLY recommend it, but check it out for your self.