Alcohol ban?

I’m just curious if anyone had heard this or if its just a rumour. I heard that campgrounds in the Terrace area, BC provincial and forestry sites had banned alcohol. Fact or fiction??

Not sure about a ban, but I was under the impression that drinking in public was against the law. Just sayin…

From what I know you can drink alcohol at your rented campsite being you are 19+. The day area’s are alcohol free.

Your allowed to have alcohol at the camp sites in all Provincial campgrounds.

But I heard that alcohol was confiscated from camp sites. But as I said it could be truth or rumour.

There was an alcohol ban in the foestry rec sites for the may long weekend (red sands, hart farm, exstew). I think it was from Friday noon to Monday noon. Mostly because of problems in the past during that weekend.

I haven’t heard of a new ban, and not sure about the provincial sites.

Would be curious to see who would of enforced this rule

On may long the RCMP were doing lots of visits to all the campgrounds, as well as the Forestry Service.

Simple explanation from the Park attendant here: pay for a campsite and you’ve rented it - it’s not public. You can consume alcohol on it.
Use a campsite or picnic ground - it’s a public area. Forestry sites = public areas as they’re free. But the ones here are pretty remote so the pisstanks use them lots.
Problem is that they don’t get used much by yuppies wanting a glass of Chablis while munching cucumber sandwiches. They’re almost exclusively used here by twenty somethings who think alcohol is for getting as pissed as you can as fast as you can as loud as you can and that recycling is all about the fucking nickel.