Albert Lomba

I am just sitting here crying my eyes out due to the fact of Albert Lomba’s passing. I wish I knew what to do right now… This is the worst I have felt since my dad died. My thoughts go out to Joanne, Pep , Carlos and everyone effected by this news. I am pretty sure the earth felt a tremble when he left. Secondly here is to Albert… I am sorry for being such a baby about this whole situation, but when you have such a way with making people happy it tends to make these rainy days on Rupert a little brighter. Anyways Albert I will miss you more than you will ever know. Share my love to anyone who has ever met you., you are truly one of a kind…If you see this then please shine your light on us , ( Rupert needs it , and so do I)

Love you man

MIke W

I honestly can not recall the name of Albert Lomba , but if his passing has affected you to the point that it seems , reflect on the good things which you shared and carry them with you and he shall remain in your heart . Do not waste tears but yes hold him in your heart and it shall comfort you . I am Sorry for Your Loss of a Friend .

It is very hard to know what to do when someone you care deeply about passes. Crying is a very healthy response, and what you are feeling is a natural part of the grieving process which is slightly different for each of us, don’t feel bad and know that many of us share this emotion. I too knew Albert and many of his family, as a friend, neighbour and co-worker, Albert was one of those people who touched many other people’s lives in a very positive way and will be remembered fondly by anybody that knew him, very sad indeed, and our thoughts are with his wife and family at this difficult time.
Often the hardest part of losing someone close is the reminder that our own mortality is a reality of the human condition. Life is short, be happy, kind and respectfull, and enjoy each and every day, nobody gets out alive.

RIP albert…one of the best friends a person will ever have. We miss you bud.

miss you Albert…rip