Airmiles flights now with CMA (ex Hawkair)

I just did a Airmiles flight search and it seems that instead of Air Canada the Airmiles flights out of PR are now with Central Mountain Air which has taken over Hawkair.

Air Canada is Aeroplan not airmiles FYI.

depending and dates and where you are going Air Canada is still doing Airmiles as well… Aeroplan is different…
Hawk added flights as well is handy to Vancouver.

It looks like it’s now possible again to get a weekend trip to Vancouver with Airmiles.

I have used AirMiles and Air Canada for flights for years, not just out of Rupert, and I am flying in October with AirMiles and Jazz.

Same with 4 other airlines. Aeroplan is not owned by AC. FYI.

You can purchase Air Miles tickets with Air Canada as well.

The fact we can get Air Miles for CMA/HawkAir now in PR is very good news.

Better hope you never get WestJet in Prince Rupert - here in Terrace when WestJet arrives in late November, Air Miles only shows the WestJet flights and both Air Canada and CMA have disappeared. When I really began to look at Air Miles they seem to prefer WestJet over any other airline. If WestJet flies a route they will give you only WestJet choices. That might be OK for major routes with lots of flights but in general it truly sucks. For instance WestJet is only flying to Terrace twice a day whereas Air Canada right now flies five times a day and CMA offers alternatives through Prince George. So now with Air Miles after the end of November you can only leave Terrace twice a day. I’ve emailed Air Miles to find out what is going on but I’m not very happy at all.

Airmiles seems to just go with whatever flight is cheapest.

I guess they get the Westjet flights very cheap.

I suspect there is also some sort of preference agreement between Air Miles and WestJet. If you look closely the WestJet “taxes” that you pay through Air Miles are always more expensive than Air Canada (CMA is cheapest) - and those “taxes” are always more expensive than the taxes you would pay if you paid for the flight yourself. And neither Air Miles nor any of the airlines will explain just what the “taxes” actually are (give a detailed breakdown) or say who is getting the overage compared to the real taxes.