Air Force helicopter called to duty for freighter rescue off the Charlottes

Wednesday was a busy day for events around the Queen Charlotte Islands, first there was the 6.1 earthquake that took place at 6:40 Wednesday morning.

That was followed by an at sea rescue by a helicopter based out of 19 wing out Comox Air Base, which dispatched a Cormorant rescue helicopter to the waters off of the coast of the Charlottes on Wednesday…

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Guess what I found on the webpage of BLANK ROME LLP (Counselors at law)
regarding this same cargo/freighter ship “GRAND GLORY”…not so glorious after all.

I’m wondering if Canadian coastal waters are safe with this type of mariners around.

““On July 18, 2003 Ta Tong Marine Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese operator of the cargo ship Grand Glory, was sentenced in the Western District of Washington for two felony charges relating to the falsification of records concealing the intentional dumping of waste oil into the ocean. Ta Tong pled guilty to felony false statements and obstruction charges, and was ordered to pay a criminal fine of $750,000, develop and implement a comprehensive environmental compliance plan for its vessels, and serve four years on probation. The chief engineer of the Grand Glory also pled guilty to making false statements in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001. He was sentenced to time served (twelve days), followed by two years supervised release, and a $100 special assessment.””