Air Fare Rip Off

I just checked on the AC website for summer rates to Vancouver…

Why is it that  one way Terrace - Vancouver is selling for $153+ Taxes, while Rupert - Vancouver is $216 + Taxes.  So round trip that is over $100 cheaper out of Terrace…
For families this would really add up…  Why are we so ripped off in Rupert…??

fly hawkair :stuck_out_tongue:

Hawk Air does not fly out of here in the evenings to make the most of the time away…

I would guess that part of it would be the fact that AC has to pay for the passengers to get to and from the airport by bus and ferry. And it might be considered that Prince Rupert is around 30 nautical miles farther from Vancouver than Terrace. Off the top of my head.

The ferry cost is included in the taxes and fees portion of the ticket, aren’t they?  The complaint here is the difference in price before taxes.

What’s the difference between Hawk Air’s Terrace and Rupert price?

I would guess that Terrace has more passengers travelling on a daily basis as well as more competition as I believe pacific coastal also services Terrace.

Pacific Coast dropped Terrace …  AC and Hawk have more flights per day also…

I just trolled, and the price for a one-way ticket from either Prince Rupert or Terrace to Vancouver was exactly the same price, and I was surprised to find that the “taxes and fees” added to each ticket was also exactly the same.

For a one way flight to Vancouver on May 30, each was $239 for the ticket, and $35.75 in taxes and stuff.

Fares will vary depending on date and how full a flight is but AC is ripping us off in Rupert…
Hawk charges the same fees out of Terrace or Rupert, but they have a lowest fare of 179 opposed to 216 in July…  The fares change due to market conditions as well…  But also in the summer AC is still showing out of Terrace 153 vs 216 from Rupert…

It all depends on the day of the week, and what time of day you fly.  I have flown to Van a lot in the last 2 years, and it was always cheaper to fly out of Rupert on a Friday night, and come home Monday night. 

That was on Air Canada… but I usually chose to fly Hawk Air, where the prices rarely fluctuated.  The service at HawkAir is far better and the South Terminal is sooooo much easier to fly into and out of.

I always fly to Van and back to Rupert using Air miles.  Usually 850 air miles will get you a return trip and you just have to pay the taxes which is usually $134 total.

Good Idea!  The safeway bonuses really help.  Air Miles is 1025 high season/ 850 low season.
I just booked and w/o insurance it was $123.00

yeah it’s a really good deal, considering most flights require significantly more air miles.  $123 isn’t bad at all for taxes.  Alot better than paying $400+ for a return trip.  Is it considered high or low season right now?

As long as you book well enough in advance, and all of the air miles seats aren’t already booked… that’s a good way to go.  You just have to be careful as there are only a limited amount of Air Miles seats per flight.

yeah and if you want to change flight time or day after you book there is a $75 charge I believe.  Although if you know the people who work for air canada at the Rupert airport, they are really nice and can sometimes change it for free :smiley: