Ah yes, soon Rupertites may have yet another reason for a trip to Terrace


There’s the shopping, the Lake and a farmers market in the summer and soon, if West Coast Hospitality has its way, there will be a massive entertainment complex for Terrace ready for use by residents and visitors alike.

Water play enthusiasts take special note; there may be a water park in your future should the plans being bounced around Terrace today come to fruition…

The same group that built the Chances community gaming centre in Prince Rupert has pretty ambitious plans for the Terrace site, which in addition to a gaming hall of its own for Terrace would also include a four storey, 120 room hotel and if everything falls into place right, a water park to go with all the other entertainment distractions.

Craig Briere, the President and CEO of West Coast Hospitality suggests that the project in Terrace would be roughly 100,000 square feet overall and range in the area of 40 million dollars for the initial phase construction cost. A figure that he says would make the project one of the largest and most expensive in Terrace history…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 3712374448 ) -


Has Terrace not been to the Hot Springs lately? Hopefully a new water park does better.


Awesome Bravo to Terrace…
Terrace is the shopping center for the north, and now we can go there to enjoya work park soon if this goes ahead… 
Terrace is always very progressive…  Rupert still tends to think in the box which gets us no where.  People are telling me that the Shopping Center project here is on hold again?
Again exciting news…  Terrace is offering more and more of the stuff that PG has.  So off we go to spend even more ‘up the line’