Advertisement on HTML

Why is it that at the bottom of my HTML page (the same with all of the members and guests, I would suppose) is displayed an ad from a law firm from Gainesville, Florida?
Is this a sign of things to come, i.e. no local (at least Canadian) ad for us to be bothered with?

…now another one from Florida Tech

No, it’s just google… The owner of the site has nothing to do with the Ads on here…

I’m suprised you didn’t know that.

People are getting far too paranoid about the new ownership…

Nobody is talking about “new ownership” but about ads that really have nothing to do with us here.  Are you ever going to hire a lawyer from Gainesville…I would think not, so we are talking about real useless and bothersome ads.

Oh please…you are put off by ads?  Pffft.

At least we all have a number to call if we get into trouble in Florida.

…or get a speeding ticket in North Carolina :wink:

I don’t see the ads. So I don’t really care about them… :unamused:

If you were using both of your eyeballs instead of only one…you might get a better view of what’s going on.

Waiting patiently for the kill!!!..

I don’t know,  my computer started having problems the day after HTMF was sold.

LOL my browser has an add on that blocks Ads. I don’t see them… How does that foot taste?

Perhaps you should contact RICHARD R KNELLINGER PA, Family and Business Law, of Gainesville, Florida.

He may be able to help in clearing up your name on this matter. :smiley:

I dunno !  I kind of like the one that appears once in awhile about how to lose 10LBs. of belly fat overnight  :-D Very informative  :roll: Thought I might give it a try but ohhhhhhh, I do like to get my zees so maybe tomorrow !! Better yet, make it one of my New Years resolutions. One of many  :?