Adsl/dsl question

Is it possible to share a adsl or dsl connection with someone say a few blocks away with out running a long cable or using a wireless connection?


get a phone line and a modem have them dial in to your computer and use your internet connection. Or they could just order adsl or dialup on their own its not like its expensive.  oh and have fun running cat5 for a few blocks im sure that will last a long time… and well wireless range yea just have fun.


In order to share a connection, you’ll need to have some sort of communication with each other.  You don’t want to have a wired or wireless connection, so there’s no way to do this.

Unless you can think of some connection type that isn’t wired or wireless.

How does wireless work.  You just hook a wireless reciever up to your phone line?  Then a wireless card in your comp?  And anyone can use it withen range?

… No you buy either a wireles router or access point if you buy the router you can just plug your computer directly in and have the person you want to share with buy a wireless card.

“A couple of blocks away” will require a little bit more than an out-of-the-box $39.99 router from Zellers though.

Yeah, a Pringles can would help.

Invite them to your house and use your connection.

Problem solved.

I think you forgot the super duper magical connection… although not many people know about it… I think i said too much already :astonished:

get old TI modems, the ones that fit in rubber cups. Plant directional mikes, 24" Voice of Theatre speakers on rooftops.
Whole town hears modem noise, but you get to share connection …