Adsl down?

iis adsl down on the upper east side. mine seems to be down again… i did all the resets on my modem.
damn damn… thank god for the cell phone …

Working over here, Astro.

east side here and working.

Working fine on Crestview.

thanks guys i guess citywest has to reset my modem. damn second time in two weeks…

WTF kind of modems do you guys use?
The fancy ones here have an on/off switch. The others you pull the AC plug to reset…

Oh good I wasn’t the only one thinking that…

I turn mine on and off with a switch to re-set.

:smiley: lol I have switch or on/off button at the back of adsl modem. but reset didnt work… So citywest has to reset on their end…

again its the second time in two weeks and each time it seemed to be on the weekend.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
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They’re feeding you a line of shit. There’s nothing to reset in a modem.
Unless it’s one of those Homeland Security Certified 2Wire modems where they can go in and say "Well no fucking wonder, you went to CameraBabes 9 times with IE6 last night and watched Gramma Does Dallas, even burned a copy"
I’d be extremely worried if they can do anything more than ping your modem.

excuse me  :wink: but its what they told me, they reset on their end and its all good. I don’t care what they tell me as long as I can get on… :smiley:

When I had issues, they reset the ‘card’ on their end, whatever that is.  It worked though.  :unamused:

thank you… lol mine working good… going to test my new Iphone out…

But I had ya worried, right?  :smiley:

Used to tell ppl that about the software on the Telus CD. It was designed to allow shit like that (actually more service oriented stuff) but they never implemented it, it would have required workers. Last thing they want is employees…
So it just eats up hard-drive space and does jack shit…

If you live a fair distance from the C.O. request a “Thomson” brand DSL modem.
Tiny little black suckers that seem to fix exactly the problem you describe, I changed out all the subs on the fringes and haven’t had any repeat troubles around here.
Used to resell DSL here, but I turned all the residentials over to ABC. Too much trouble.

Waiting for a call next week to confirm me as “Mr. Rogers” in the Fort. They’re putting up their tower right now. Guess I’ll need to get myself an iPhone if I’m gonna flog 'em… :smiley: