Adopting an Older Dog

In reality, a puppy isn’t necessarily the best choice for a person who has never owned a dog before. There are plenty of older dogs out there looking for homes that would make perfect companions. These wonderful animals shouldn’t be ruled out right off the bat. Here are some reasons why you might do better with an older dog instead of a puppy.

This information is courtesy of Dr. Tripp Stewart.

B-b-but can you teach it new tricks?

I’ve adopted two “mature” dogs, both of which ended up being incredible additions to our menagerie. (three dogs, five cats and four fish) One dog required a little extra training (wasn’t used to being on linoleum or running since she’s been chained for most of her life) but was very good-hearted and great with the kids. The other dog was a sibling of a dog I already owned and despite having been with two other owners over a space of four years, he fits in well since he shares most of the same habits his sister has…the one exception being he’s very hard on stuffed toys and she’s had most of hers since she was a young puppy. I swear she had tears in her eyes the first time he grabbed one and started ripping the stuffing out of it!

Get as much history as you can about the previous life the older dog has-it helps to know about any potential problems in advance like being scared of cars or being a cat-chaser,etc.

adopting an older dog is the way to go…check out the boxer i scored from the SPCA, he’s been the coolest dog ever and i wake up to this everyday

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