Adios Fingahz

I’m retiring from Hacking the Main Frame. Its been nice yakking to you all. Later!!!

Haha, and then, like some sort of cyber Rafael Palmeiro, you’ll come out of retirement!

Any particular reason why?

Takes up too much of my time. I may post occasionally but it will be more of like a “guest appearance” rather than coming out of retirement like Eso said. I’m not sure exactlywhy I even posted that I was leaving but I thought that it would be a dignified thing to do.

Attention whore!

Dear Fingahz

I would just like to take the time to congratulate you on your contibution and commitment to Over the years I’ve come to admire, respect and look forward to your posts and now that you’ve retired I’m already dreading the “new era”. Alas maybe someone else can come to make significant gains but I do not keep high hope. Again from myself and everyone who shares my opinion, good luck in your future endeavours.