Anyone have the regestration code or a crack for Rogue Spear by ActiveMARK,or even a generator for ActiveMARK products?I really need some help,I downloaded RS from a warez site,but the link to the regestration crack doesn’t work.

42…The registration code, the universe, and everything.

Thanx for the help…

See, if you weren’t stupid, you’d get that.

Well first off,im new,im sorry i don’t get it,but it does seem close the LUE from GameFAQs…

New? Then you have to go through initiation before we give you codes.

May I ask what that is?

Billy Goat Gruff!

whois: Aries?

whois: (as in hacking tool?)

And what do I do with billy goat gruff,can I shoot him?

You can ignore the goat, Dylan wants to know who you are.

Well,im not sure what a can really tell you,im 15,live in Cassville,MO. Right now im peeved because my original Rogue Spear Doesn’t work,so I dl the trial version,and now I ran out of time.Well,thats all I can think of right now,anything else?