Action Figures

Picked meself up one of these today, I thought it was pretty neat:

There are a couple good ones:

You know you’re a geek when…

Wow, someone is jealous of my new friend. : P

you are kidding me… right?


When the laws of space and time are broken who fights back!!


I don’t know who would win in an intense action figure battle between one of the Ninja Turtles and Einstein.

Can Einstein call in Sigmund Freud for backup?

What I want to know is… what do the male nurses, librarians and the Crazy Cat Lady have to do with the rest of them?

No no He’d call in Jesus.

With bread breaking action.

and wtf he ripped off alabama man.

damp hay with a hint of tuna?

I can’t wait to purchase a few of those.

Who keeps the fish?