Acorn - OSX Hey Mig

Hey Mig, what you think of Acorn for osx ? I actually think its pretty slick.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

How is Acorn compared to the new CS3?

CS3 is pretty expensive and a resource hog compared to Acorn and Pixelmator. 

I use Photoshop CS3 every day for work, though.

Yes, i found this also with a New 24 maxed out imac, it was sluggish and slow, ekks. No wonder lots of people pirate software, they buy it to find out that it is not worth the $$$. Never heard of Mixelmator, ill have to give that a try. I do like this Acorn, pretty slick little appy.


I just bought CS3.  :wink:  I have a 24" 2.4 imac and it seems to run great. Havn’t tried Acorn yet.

Acorn rocks, i love it, since this G4 400mhz is pretty slow, its nice to use.

My gf’s mom has the 24" maxed out imac its nice, i cant wait to use my macbook pro on my 30" apple display :smile:

Hey Mig, what version of 10.5 do you have ? Do you still have the Torrent File ?

It’s the developer release, 9a581.  It’s not a torrent, sorry.