Accident on the waterfront

There was a wee bit of a boating mishap this morning on the waterfront. Pictures can be found on my website at
No one was injured but the potential was there. There’s a bit of Diesel floating around the harbour and it has a certain air about it but made of some interesting viewing for all the looky lou’s.

Skip Cronck took a bunch of photos and sent them along.  I hope he doesn’t mind me posting them here…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Skip Cronck took these photos:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

More photos from Skip:

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If you know Skip, ask him to send you the rest… there’s a whole bunch :wink:

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I’ve always been afraid of that happening. :S Does anyone know what went wrong? Were there not enough lines tied on?

uhm… what actually happened ?

Skip’s got some good shots.

They kicked me out so my shots are back a bit. I tend to focus on people as well for the journalism side of the photo.

I’m not sure exactly what caused the tip over but they had it up on the grids and were powerwashing it during the low tide when it tipped over and down the bank.

This is what its supposed to look like. … 99.jpg?v=0

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Ah yes, the Beautiful Swimmer.  Luckily, that boat has never had an embarrassing photo snapped while she was almost flipped over :wink:

it wasn’t tied when it was put in dry dock to be repaired, that’s why it flipped.  belongs to broadwater.  two people were in it when it went over, but not hurt. 

Too bad it wasn’t the casino

SHUSH! That boat has always been an icon of navigation excellence!

I caugth a very big salmon on that boat once!  Over 50 lb.

you really dont like the casino do you? heh well my brothers been working on it so dont pray for the casino to fall over