Did anyone hear how the show went last night at the PAC

It was well worth it

So…I was at the dentists’ this morning, Dr. Pyde.
He tells me this story on how he went to the concert
in a blue ruffled suit he bought in the 70’s when he was
in university…too funny. Apparently he was quite the star,
pulled him up on stage and everything…lol

hahaha I heard about a guy in a blue suit that went on stage with them and danced… kinda funny to learn it was Dr Pyde!

Dr. Pyde… yes i heard about him getting pulled up on the stage too… my friend she was in front, and said he had these SUPER tight pants on too… that ummm they were WAY too tight, she saw more of a show than she wanted… :astonished: But heh good for Dr. Pyde, great he enjoyed himself.

muhahaha…thats hillarious

I thought the concert was great and they sounded pretty darn authentic…the costumes…well now thats another story…Pyde…hmm…was showing a bit in the front so I saw…HAHAH