Abandoned Dogs

This mother and pup were abandoned at the dock in Metlakatla BC . A shrimp trawler was tied to our dock the night before the two dogs turned up in the village. We have a bit of hearsay information about the possible party that is responsible for this, but we would like to confirm a few things before we proceed with anything.
With this in mind, Does anybody recognize these dogs, have any information about the owners and have any suggestions as to holding the previous owners accountable?

Has there been any updates on these “babies”? Are they in your care now and would you mind if I posted your comment on my FB page to see if we can get any advice/contact info from any of the rescue groups? Thank you for all your help for these poor little ones. What kind of dog do you think they are?

These two dogs are being cared for by a resident of Metlakatla until a place opens up in the SPCA, next week sometime. Please feel free to repost and spread the word about these two, I would love to hear any suggestions, feedback or any information. We are also looking for alternatives to the SPCA, a permanent home is preferred.

Thank you “chiefdave” ! I will quote both your comments if that is OK and please update when you have more info. Thank you so much !!

Saw these dogs at the government dock in Cow Bay last week. Unfortunately can’t remember the name of the boat.