Is Breaker’s still known for the girls that work there?

Is there a White Spot in Rupert or Terrace yet?
PG just got East Side Mario’s.

Almost went to Taco Del Mierdra today… (chicken, beef or pork? It all looks like it leaked out of a diaper)

That is dead wrong, ask any guy. I would much rather have a hot, flirty waitress that didnt have a clue over an average to ugly one that did. When me and my pals were in our late teens to early twenties which seems to be the eat out every day age we decided where to go each day based only on the attractiveness of the waitresses, we never ever gave a shit of the service or food, if we want that we will just go have lunch with our mothers.

Cactus Club’s have some of the hottest babes I have ever seen working as waitresses, last time I was in the one in north van I would have sworn they were all playboy quality , perfect blond’s with the perfect tan and shiny white teeth, one told us she makes $300 per night in tips and I believed it, the place was packed the entire night with a lineup to get in, the Cactus Club’s must be a goldmine as far as a business goes.

ill take a spicy big crunch over any other burger

not the kfc that was here tho, that place was fuckin gross

LOL I’m talking about the general public, not the teenaged male populace. Of course you can get a young guy to go back because of hot babes. But at SOME point in time, the guy is going to grow up just a teeny bit, and care what the food tastes like and how it’s served. Like maybe when they have a family to feed.

It’s true, eventually men DO grow up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Cmon…
Lets be realistic. We aint getting shit!!!  The pulp mill was running 7yrs ago and had 600 people employed in town and with those numbers couldnt support a DQ and even the KFC had to shut down!!!
we all know how much chicken went to outlying villages!!!
So …like I said we aint getting nuttin.  But doesnt hurt to dream.

DQ and KFC weren’t closed down due to lack of buisness.

Yeah business was soooo good they just decided to shut the doors…

They heard bk was coming for them :imp:

well that made no sense because my avatar isnt doing its thing. but ronald does get his head blown off by the burger king…why doesnt my avatar so its video thing…  :cry:

No, the guy who ran DQ didn’t pay his rent. And I’m not sure what happened with KFC. There was always lots of buisness for those two places.

i miss kfc :smiley:

me too, I swear . . . at random moments downtown, I could swear I smell their chicken! LOL :smile:

One of the signs  that you’ve lived in the Fort too long is “telling people how the chicken at PetroCan on the rez is so much better than KFC”…