when i type up a&w on the net, it says a&w riverside mall  phone 624 4784 maybe at the new mall there suppose to make?

I think that’s in Peace River, AB.

That would probably make sense, since calling the mall here (imaginary as it is) Riverside Mall when it’s nowhere near a river, probably doesn’t make it a Rupert location.

Dude, you need something a lot more imaginative up there than an A+W anyhow…A New York Fries, a Cinnabon or OPA! Souvlaki instead of the same old burgers+fries joint. Or a Wendy’s, since at least their food is edible-the last time my son got a Teen-burger, it looked like a freakin’ Big-Mac wannabe.  :unamused:

Well since we’re all putting in our food orders for our imaginary restaurants, how about a Harvey’s, cause they make a hamburger a beautiful thing… :smiley:

PG is making it’s way up there in the world b/c they now have New York Fries in their mall and LUSH !!  All they need now is GAP or Old Navy :smile:

Or a Keg.
Something that is fancy, but not over priced.
All of the fancy restaraunts I never feel like I get what I pay for.
Especially with the snobby stuck up waitresses.

:laughing: Well milestones shouldn’t be in an A&W thread  :stuck_out_tongue:

Burger King is the best fast food.  I win.

You know where I wasn’t impressed with?

I’m actually not a huge fan of BK.  :cry:

Yeah, it’s sort of gross.  So is A&W.  I like DQ and Wendy’s for fast food.

I’ll most likely be applying for a serving job when I get up there (part time)… which restaurants have the snobby waitresses?

I just got my superhost certificate, and I still disagree with a majority of the service here in town.

Depends on the day I guess.
Which It shouldn’t.

I think I’m pretty good at serving, but I don’t ham it up or flirt a lot, so I don’t get the huge tips.  :unamused:

To me, it wouldn’t be about getting tips, it would be about the service I could provide for that person. Going the extra mile you know?

That is how a buisness makes money. Not having pretty flirty waitresses.

That among other places I’ve been. Not just in town here either.

What’s wrong with pretty, flirty waitresses?

Naw, I think you’ve got it wrong.  Hot waitresses are good for business.  Just ask any restaurant owner!

I don’t care if my waitress is hot or not, Or if they’re male or female. If they don’t know what they’re doing I’m less likely to come back.

Speaking of hot waitresses, my husband took me out to the Cactus Club for lunch the other day…the food was pretty good but I was wincing at the heels those girls were wearing and the make-up that was trowelled on.  :imp: Obviously it’s trying to be an upscale Moxie’s but the weird bathroom art was a turn-off. I’ve had some good meals at Moxie’s but they tend to seat you in crapola spots if you don’t dress like a good tipper.

Most of the waitresses I know who made great tips have good personality and give good service but have small assets. Work it baby, work it!! :wink: