A&W finally coming to Prince Rupert?

I heard from a fairly reliable source that A&W is coming to Prince Rupert and is going to be located in that big lot right next to Pizza Hut, in fact I heard it is the family the owns Pizza Hut that is the one that is behind brining the A&W franchise to the city. Anyone else hear anything like this?

I’m sure Ayjaye has some info.

Which big lot? The one towards Chances, if that’s the case, that’s more of a mountain side than a lot, would seem that it would take an awful lot of hamburger sales to make that a profitable construction project.

Still good rumour, made me think about what I want to have for lunch.

Yes, I heard the lot right next to the Pizza Hut building…to the right of it.

Will be interesting to see if this actually takes place. This lot would take major work and money to develop, plus I dont see how easy the access is for a drive through either.

Didn’t they didn’t get that memo from Jack Mussallem about how new businesses in Rupert aren’t supposed to compete with existing businesses?

What this is not good i didnt know about this one sorry guys.

How is it “not good” ??? we should encourage businesses to set up shop here. We shouldnt discourage it…even if it is A&W :wink:

Trying to figure out Ajaye is a tough challenge but I think he was trying to be humourous? I think he is saying:

What? This is not good. I didn’t know about this one. Sorry guys.

“This is not good” meant that it wasn’t good that he didn’t know about it. Remember, he knows everything that is coming to town. He isn’t complaining about A & W; he is apologizing for not knowing about before the rest of us.

It is good we need more business to come to town may be a canadian tire.

I heard something like that too, but in the mall.