‘Simpsons’ character ignites controversy

Groundskeeper Willie, the surly school janitor on The Simpsons, is one great Scot. So much so, that two Scottish cities are feuding over his ancestry – each claims that the kilted custodian as its own.

According to the U.K.’s The Sun, Glasgow and Aberdeen have good reason to support their arguments.

Glasgow City Council, which put Willie in its online hall of fame with Billy Connolly and Lulu, cites a 1997 episode.

After he strikes out with a lady, he says, “Suddenly the ugliest man in Glasgow wasn’t good enough for her.”

Meanwhile, Aberdeen Football Club spokesman Dave McDermid has said, “Anyone who has watched The Simpsons in any detail over the years will know that Groundskeeper Willie is very much a fan of the Dandy Dons and always will be.

“As much as it may disappoint people in Glasgow, we are in no doubt that Willie is a proud Aberdonian.”

Part of his proof? The 2003 episode “’Scuse Me When I Miss The Sky,â€

Rowdy Roddy PEEPER