A scanner darkly


waking life is one of my favourite movies
i cant wait to see this one… interpolated rotoscoping just sounds like so much fun doesnt it ?

its been out for a while but ive been in outer space since last may and havent tracked down a theatre or divx of this yet…


Can u say matrix rip off except it’s done in cartoon , It just looks like a Matrix rip off and it doesn’t help that Keanu Reeves is it…so many scenes look like they were ripped right out of the matrix…

but then again so many movies are Regurgitated over and over…

I wouldn’t consider it a rip-off of The Matrix – it was written decades before the Matrix. 

The book is about drug use and identity themes (anonymity, dual-personality, etc), as well as about police surveillance in a near-future almost cyberpunk world.

I’m going to watch it tonight, and yes I know it was written way way before the matrix was. Maybe Andy Wachowski was heavily inspired by the writing’s of Philip K. Dick. Regardless the scenes in the movie look a like the matrix, and the main character is Keanu Reeves.
From what I read it stay’s true to the book.

The trailer for this movie used scenes that look and feel like the matrix, for example when he Keanu is in the room with the 2 other individuals, some of the dialog has the same tone to it.
I think if they should have used different scenes in the trailer. I think most people will stay away from this movie, just because it has Keanu Reeves in it, and will not give it a chance.
I on the other hand think the roto-scoping in this movie is off the hook.

To me, it looked a lot more like Waking Life than The Matrix.  That was my first reaction when I saw the trailer (“Duuuude, Keanu is on Waking Life!”).

The Matrix is all about “bullet time” and kung-fu beat-em-up scenes and dreadlocks and cool shit like that. 

But I guess I don’t associate Keanu with just the Matrix.

I associate Keanu with bill and ted’s excellent adventure, one and 2, Point Break,River’s Edge, My Own Private Idaho, Freaked, Speed, Johnny Mnemonic, Constantine and yes even Dracula. His Acting for most of the 80’s and 90’s were that of a surfer dude.  Keanu has alot in common with  my  favorite actor Christopher Walken.
he has no depth, no personality,  but he still brings something to the silver screen.

chuck noris is in this movie,


watch the first 24 minutes of the movie…

Chuck Norris’s career is over. Booya!