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With the official deadline for operations now long passed, Sun Wave Forest Products has been put on notice that the City of Prince Rupert is coming to look for their money.

City Council passed a motion at a closed meeting last week terminating a partnership agreement with Sun Wave, as the Forest Products company was no longer in compliance with the agreement.

The city manager has been directed to collect outstanding taxes, fees and charges owed to the city and to take any actions necessary to including legal proceedings to accomplish the task.

The company had been granted a five year break on taxes, with the city granting them tax free status for the first five years of production, providing they commenced operations of the Watson Island Pulp Mill by January 1 of 2008.

With the calendar now heading towards the final week of January and no pulp on the horizon from the Island, the time to send in the tax collectors has come…

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Although that sounds like great news, how oh how will the City come up with the legal fees to get this thing rolling!

On a different note, I was just told that the Green Apple has 30 days to tear down their restaurant, and must stop serving the public after January 25th because the building is unsafe.  This will be the 4th business in the past month that has closed it doors for one reason or another. 

What!  No Green Apple ???

Damn… gonna miss Ice Cream during the summer. Sucks that the building is unsafe, but what else can the city do but tell them to close up the place–other than totally makeover the building, which probably isn’t financially possible for whoever owns the place.

This is one of the many good comments about Green Apple Halibut and Chips Restaurant.  This one I found at:


“It is true, it has the best fish n’ chips in town out of two Fish N Chip Stores. The service is very friendly and was voted best ice-cream. Located in a good place and really is really busy all the time.”

Safe or not…Podunkians will be missing on a good fish treat.

Someone I work with said that the closure is due to the building being unsafe. Apparently a vehicle ran into it?

As good as the food is, it’s pretty clear that the owners of that building haven’t put a dime into it over the years. I’m not surprised at all that it’s safety is being called into question.

Well it’s no surprise that the Green Apple building would be considered unsafe, the slant on the floor in that place alone would give a person an interesting case of vertigo.  That being said, it’s too bad they’ll have to close, it was one of those character places in town.

haven’t actually bought a meal in the place for about five or six years, the products and cooking process no longer seem to agree with my metabolism, but back in the day, I would regularly try out one of the burgers or fish platters that they offered up.

As long as y’all promise to keep coming to my blog, I’ll send you off to another site here that actually put together an interesting bit of information gathering on the whole process,

e-princerupert.com/Prince_Ru … nApple.htm

ya’ll come back now ya hear!

By the way, hey Council watch, what were the other three businesses that closed their doors, I’m keeping a running tab on my blog about openings and closings and was wondering which ones I missed… thanx…

Well they could always raise taxes to take on the fight, eh, they seem to like that approach, maybe split up the water and garbage payments this time, just keep us paying a tax bill once a month and heck they could slip in a lawsuit benevolent fund tax into the mix and nobody would have a clue…

The last time I was in the green apple the entire eating area would shake if someone moved about in their chair and I swear the building was ‘swaying’ when someone entered the restaurant. (or I’m losing my mind) :smiley:

It was a corner store back in the 70’s called “Nora’s corner”, least thats as I remeber it, is that right?

Ohh man we did go there all the time until we changed our diet, there fish and ships and burgers are the best, but as others have said the building does move around a lot when vehicles go past or when someone enters the building…

The good place I like is Brad’s but it’s so hard to know then they are open…

it is sad that so many business are still closing. strange really with all this talk about the boom that’s happening here…LOL…

On channel 10 last night, they showed the council meeting concerning the building unsafety of Green Apple. I was wondering why they were closed. A couple of weeks ago, I really wanted some of their fish and chips…and there was my answer.

It’s pretty sad the city doesn’t not give a tax break to someone in the owners’ situation.
He still has the cost of the building, but has no income since he has to keep the business closed.  :frowning:

While I agree the Green Apple building is quite unsafe, I have to say the city council are TOTALLY HEARTLESS.

Gordon Lam is a nice businessman and a hard working community person, and the city just didn’t realize how much hardship they were putting on him and other small business owners alike.

Seriously, give him a break.

There may be hope for all you fans of fish and chips, the city extended the deadline to 45 days, suggesting that the owner and the city building dept get together to work on the problems…

From e prince rupert–

e-princerupert.com/Prince_Ru … nApple.htm

Might be more about real estate though, I seem to remember seeing the restaurant on a real estate website listing price of 225000, not sure how long it’s been listed or if it’s for sale still.

icx.ca/PropertyResults.aspx? … of=1&ps=10

If it is still for sale that of course would be impacted by a city order of demoliton I would guess.

Anyways, be interesting to see how this one evolves…

What does being a “nice businessman” have to do with public safety.
“Give him a break” what kind of break could that be?
Can you imagine half a dozen cruise ship tourists getting killed in that unsafe building…what do you think the impact on Prince Rupert’s image would be?  It should be obvious to anyone that the money and effort was never given in the upkeep of that building.

A 4:47 min. CBC interview with Mr. Gordon Lam…I feel a bit sorry for the man.
You’ll find the clip in the third paragraph of the Wednesday, Jan. 23 article…just click on the “LISTEN TO THE CLIP”.


Wow, I never knew you are THAT such a d**chebag.


But I think you’re as cold hearted as the rest of the city council.

Hitler ah-Bian…do I detect a bit of racial solidarity at all cost here?   :-D = :smiley:   ahh! soooo!

We, the DPP, support Taiwan equality.

We hate diversity.

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